This page provides links to materials related to the discussions in Room 309 of the round table meeting in NTU Psychology on 4/23, 2016. You are welcome to contact Erik Chang or the Taiwan Mind and Brain Imaging Center for further inquiries. In the following section, I tried to find both review and an empirical papers for each topic (but not always successful), which serves as a starting reference for those who are interested in their respective topics.


  1. Problem solving in physics
    Physics Learning Facilitates Enhanced Resting State Connectivity in Problem Solving Network


  1. Decision about project investment & standing in the line (No directly related article is out there. But I think the following ones are along the same line)
    How the brain integrates costs and benefits during decision making
    The Functional and Structural Neural Basis of Individual Differences in Loss Aversion
  2. Neuropolitics
    Do political and economic choices rely on common neural substrates? A systematic review of the emerging neuropolitics literature.
    The Dopaminergic Midbrain Encodes the Expected Certainty about Desired Outcomes

Second language narrative production

Actually no study is already out there for second language narrative writing. But interested PIs may adapt experiments designed for narrative writing in the first language for their second language experiments.

  1. The neuropsychology of narrative: story comprehension, story production and their interrelation
  2. Neural correlates of creative writing: an fMRI study.
  3. Erhard, K., Kessler, F., Neumann, N., Ortheil, H. J., & Lotze, M. (2014). Professional training in creative writing is associated with enhanced fronto-striatal activity in a literary text continuation task. NeuroImage, 100, 15–23.
  4. Neural correlates and network connectivity underlying narrative production and comprehension: A combined fMRI and PET study

Health & Well-being

  1. Exercise & Obesity
    Neuroimaging studies of factors related to exercise: Rationale and design of a 9 month trial
    Exercise Improves Executive Function and Achievement and Alters Brain Activation in Overweight Children: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
  2. Addiction
    Brain activities associated with gaming urge of online gaming addiction
    Pathological gambling is linked to reduced activation of the mesolimbic reward system

References for Starting FMRI Experiments

  1. Dimoka, A. (2012). How to conduct a functional magnetic resonance (FMRI) study in social science research. MIS Quarterly, 36(3), 811–A11.
  2. FMRI for newbies by Jody Culham
  3. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Song, Huettel, & MaCarthy
  4. Handbook of Functional MRI Analysis
  5. Martin Linquist's FMRI course on coursera